bc childress uilleann pipes

uilleann bagpipe maker in kennebunk maine


Welcome to the web page of B.C. Childress Bellows Blown Bagpipes. I am sure, by now, that if you have come this far in exploring the notion of learning more about the Uilleann Pipes, you must be bitten pretty hard by………. “The Bug!” .

It is a magnificent instrument, and I don’t just say that ‘cause I love them.

They are also everywhere! Just flip the remote control on you television for a while. Go to the movies. Listen to NPR. Can’t get away from them, can you? (providing you would want to.)

I hope this site will impart useful information about the Uilleann Pipes. You may be interested in purchasing a set. Or, you may just be curious. Either way, I get the privilege of telling you all about the instrument I (we) have come to love.


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