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kilt maker in edinburgh scotland


In 1996 Howie launched ‘21st Century Kilts’ within the company. This contemporary range of kilt wear continues to grow and thrive within Geoffrey (Tailor) offering a highland dress alternative for the fashion conscious man.

Geoffrey (Tailor) has been established as one of Scotland’s leading kiltmakers and highland dress outfitter with nearly 40 years of experience. Head office is situated on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, next to Edinburgh Castle, and hosts contemporary and traditional highland dress. Geoffrey (Tailor) only make garments for sale in their own shops or from their own website and do not supply kilts to any other company in the trade.

The company offers a world-wide mail order service with unique coverage in the United States. Geoffrey (Tailor) participates in various Scottish Festivals throughout the United States and Europe, whilst also operating successful branches in Glasgow and Oban and providing a monthly fitting and viewing service in London.

Aside from producing highland wear, Geoffrey (Tailor) also boasts its own Tartan Weaving Mill based in Edinburgh’s city centre next to Edinburgh Castle. The Mill offers a spectacular tourist experience offering the opportunity to view tartan cloth in the making. The Mill also offers a range of high quality Scottish merchandise, both for personal shopping and corporate gifts.


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