Blair bagpipes

Play the world-class sound of a Great Highland Bagpipe, Scottish Smallpipe or Practise Chanter on the Blair Digital Chanter. It turns everyday piping into an extraordinary playing experience and is packed full of features including; a world-class Reverb, Metronome, and a free PC app to load a total of 9 Bagpipes in the one instrument! Also access the online library to download more different bagpipes.

Featuring full HD stereo sound, it’s always in tune and ready to play anywhere for hours of enjoyment.

The HBT2 Bagpipe Tuner by piper/ audio engineer Murray Blair. The HBT2 bagpipe tuner is easy to use and precisely displays the pitch of your chanter notes and drones. Tunetape is a specially composed long-lasting Pipe Chanter Tape. You can buy the HBT2 Bagpipe Tuner, Tunetape and accessories in our online Shop.


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