celtic corner

celtic corner

celtic corner

We work hard to bring you authentic products imported from Scotland and Ireland. It takes countless hours for us to source quality goods. We have made time to visit several tartan mills and other manufacturers in Scotland. It was enlightening seeing how many steps, people and machinery are required to weave tartan fabric in traditional way they had been doing it for years.

Here is a little more about us! Celtic Corner was opened February 3, 2002 by Lenora Gilmour, Louise Reid and Robert Reid. We have a great passion for what we do. Louise & Lenora are both from Scotland and Robert is Scots/Irish from his father and English on his mother’s side. Robert is our resident bagpiper and was married to Louise shortly after we opened our doors. Louise is in charge of all business operations for Celtic Corner.

In addition, Louise is a Highland Dancing judge and instructor and runs a non-profit the Cincinnati Highland Dancers.


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celtic corner

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