david shaw bagpipes

david shaw bagpipes

david shaw bagpipes

Dave has been playing and making pipes for more than twenty five years. His pipes have a reputation for elegance, are designed to sound technical specifications and are beautifully tuned.

All Dave’s pipes are made in traditional hardwoods, typically African Blackwood and Boxwood, although other woods may be used if suitable. All have hand forged brass keys and brass fittings, with imitation ivory trims. All keywork is fitted with superbly balanced springing and each set is skillfully tuned to suit the characteristics of the instrument.

Aftercare service is available and all parts can be purchased individually, with quotes available for reeds, repairs and fettling on request.


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david shaw bagpipes

  • Bagpipe and Whistle Maker
  • Irish Pipes
  • Shuttle Pipes
  • Scottish Smallpipes
  • Shaw Whistles
  • Northumbrian Smallpipes
  • craghead stanley, durham, england
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