iona bagpipes

iona bagpipes

iona bagpipes

Quality Scottish small pipes and Double small pipes Manufactured by Bill Hart D.Urr

Quality Scottish small pipes and Double small pipes Manufactured by Bill Hart D.Urr


are an expertly crafted instrument made from various styles and colours of timbers. The use of unique timbers give IONA small pipes a beautiful sound quality.

SCOTTISH small pipes.

small pipes, compared with the Great Highland Bagpipes, have a quieter, softer and more mellow sound. This makes them ideal for entertaining at home or in a confined setting. The smallpipe fingering is the same as that used by the Great Highland Pipes and this has allowed them to become increasingly popular amongst Highland Pipers for the simple fact that no major change to playing skills is required. My small pipes are available in keys of either C, A, Bb or D, and tuned to western [piano] tuning to allow playing with other instruments.

The Mouth Blown Option, with zippered bag and moisture control system, is available with all pipes at no extra cost.

SCOTTISH DOUBLE small pipes.

This is a new line for Iona Bagpipes and consistes of a bag and 2 chanters (No drones), either mouth blown or bellows blown. Many old relics depict such bagpipes and the Italian Zampogna still employs such a system for the melody.

The right hand chanter plays the bottom hand 5 notes and the left hand plays the top 4 finger notes with the bottom finger note [“A” in GHB terminology] not played, but sounding when the top notes are played.

This allows playing in the normal GHB way, with always at least one of the Low A’s sounding, thus giving a drone sounding accompaniment. Alternatively, you can play right hand harmonies against the left hand to get some amazing effects.

IONA small pipes SAMPLE

If you wish to see and hear a sample of IONA small pipes being played, an example can be heard by clicking HERE (with special thanks to Mr. David Stanley).


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