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Mount Barker Caledonian Society Pipes and Drums play at over 50 engagements a year and are always looking for new members to learn the pipes or drums.

In 1954 The Society decided to form a Pipe Band, which made its first official appearance at a Ball in 1955.

On Monday August the 7th 1955 the Dedication service for the Band and instruments was held in St. Andrews Presbyterian Church at Mount Barker.

Much thought went into the uniform of the Band and after much discussion it was decided to approach the Regiments. There were many Cameron’s among the early Mount Barker settlers hence Cameron road etc. One member had access to the regiment of, The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders and the tartan could be bought at reasonable rates from Scotland. Regimental permission to wear the uniform was given, with the exception of the high collar and the extended shoulder epaulettes. (As we are a civilian band). Very few changes have been made over the years. The pipers now wear black belts and full plaids but all members wear the glengarry, as feather bonnets were to expensive, although the Drum Major and Bass Drummer do wear a feather bonnet on certain occasions.

The Tartan worn by the band and the regiment is the Cameron of Erracht designed by Mrs Marjory Cameron Erracht the mother of Alan Cameron who raised the regiment on the 17th August 1793. It is unique amongst the old tartan in that it is not derived from the government or Black Watch tartan.

First called the 79th regiment of foot, later renamed the Cameron Highlanders in 1806 the regiment was again renamed by H.M Queen Victoria in 1873 when she conferred yet another unique distinction amongst Highland regiments of being entitled the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders. The Blue Hackle was later awarded to the regiment in recognition that the QOCH was the last Highland regiment to go into battle in the Kilt.

The Band looks resplendent in full uniform and it should make every member proud fill every member with a sense of pride.


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