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10 Year old Pipe Band made up of sworn law enforcement officers from around the Boston area

Together with music, poetry was an integral part of ancient Gaelic culture. Bards, together with harpers and pipers, were held in high esteem by the Gaels and their poems celebrating mythical heroes, kings, important events, and love, have enriched the world’s literature beyond measure.

Founded in 1992

It was this sentiment that brought together the Boston Police Gaelic Column’s founding members in 1992 on the tragic occasion of a brother Police Officer’s death.

LOD Officer Jeremiah Hurley

Officer Jeremiah Hurley, a member of the department’s Ordnance Disposal Unit (bomb squad), was killed in the line of duty while defusing an explosive device.

NYC Transit Police Emerald Society Band

At the time of Officer Hurley’s funeral there were no police bagpipe bands anywhere in New England, and the New York Transit Police pipe band was called on to play. On that day the seeds were sown that were to become the Boston Police Gaelic Column.

The first meeting to organize the Column was held at the famous Doyle’s Cafe in Jamaica Plain. With more than ninety Officers in attendance, the Gaelic Column was becoming a reality. Pipe and drum instructors were hired, uniforms were chosen, and rehearsals soon followed. Unlike some cities that boast as many as fifteen local police pipe bands, the Gaelic Column was the the only police pipe band in New England at that time.

LOD Police Officer Thomas Rose

Within a year of that first meeting, Boston Police Officer Thomas Rose was struck down in the line of duty.The Rose family requested the Gaelic Column play at his funeral. Overnight air couriers delivered new kilts and uniforms.

Then in single digit temperatures, the Column solemnly piped down Officer Thomas Rose, our first of many police officer funerals.

With this inspired beginnings, the Gaelic Column came together to perform at various cultural events and parades around Boston.

Each member is expected to attend band rehearsal for four hours. that is once a week and on his or her own time.

During the week members are required to practice alone on their own time and must purchase their own instruments, uniforms, and supplies.


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