southern oregon scottish bagpipe band

southern oregon scottish bagpipe band

southern oregon scottish bagpipe band

The Medford-area based Southern Oregon Scottish Bagpipe Band was formed in 1931 by a group of World War I Veterans and the American Legion, and has continuously performed for public and private engagements ever since. The band’s first performance was on Armistice Day, 1931. The whole group was completely new to the idea of wearing kilts, and they accidentally wore them backwards! Nobody knew until one fine Scots-woman informed them of their little mishap.

For a short time, the band was sponsored by the Ashland Elks Club, and it was called the Elks Kilty Band. Then, in 1978, we struck out on our own and decided to become an independent not-for-profit organization. We went by the name Siskiyou Highland Pipes and Drums, but because Southern Oregon Scottish was so much easier to pronounce, the name remains today.

Band members wear the Muted Anderson tartan, which is unique among Scottish tartans because it is the only one known to have seven colors. All others have six colors or less.

Rumor has it that the Southern Oregon Scottish Bagpipe Band is the second oldest American Pipe Band west of the Rockies, and is unquestionably the oldest Pipe Band in Southern Oregon and Northern California.We are approaching our 75th anniversary and are still going strong!

Under the leadership of Pipe Major Roland Kari, the Southern Oregon Scottish has recently taken a new turn in its musical repertoire. With the introduction of Latin rhythms on congas and shakers into traditional Scottish bagpipe tunes, the band is on the edge of the wave of fusion music that blends the music of many cultures into a sound all its own.

We have a highly diverse and family-oriented group with a wide range of ages. Also, we don’t pay homage to any one particular heritage. We have members with multicultural backgrounds that range from Mexican, to Swedish, to Finnish, etc. You don’t have to be Scottish to love to drum or pipe. We’re all a part of this band because we enjoy it. If you love to drum and/or pipe too, feel free to join us!


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southern oregon scottish bagpipe band

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