baul muluy pipeband hamburg

baul muluy pipeband hamburg

baul muluy pipeband hamburg

It was 1994 when some members of the former Scandinavian Seaways Pipe Band, under the patronage of Dr. Matthew James MacDonald formed the band White Hackle Pipes and Drums.

The goal was to strengthen Scottish bagpipe music in and around Hamburg and to achieve a good musical standard. The following year the name was changed to Baul Muluy Pipes and Drums and since then the band has worn the tartan Ancient MacDonald of Clanranald.

Even in the first few days, the hard work on the musical polish was already part of the band’s basic orientation: constant support for young people and consistent training and further education by Scottish teachers at various workshops was just as much part of the program as participation in the first competitions and events of all kinds.

A few highlights These early years are undoubtedly accompanied by the accompaniment of André Rieu’s Millennium Tour, a concert in Bremen’s Weser Stadium and a second place in Grade 4 at the “Continental Championships” in Holland, which in 2000 also marks the beginning of participation in international competitions.

The following years opened up a field of activity for the group, which was also growing in numbers, which was characterized on the one hand by the enormous variety of performances and on the other hand by that constant and successful presence at competitions at home and abroad, through which the band was able to gain rank and name . The current highlights among the activities include, for example, an appearance at the “Wacken Open Air” 2010 and taking part in the shooting of the TV film “Love Your Enemy”.

Today, “Baul Muluy Pipes and Drums”, with around 60 active members, is the largest and most successful formation dedicated to traditional Scottish bagpipe music in northern Germany.

The band name

Around the year 1140, the MacDonalds formed the largest clan in Scotland, who will not have made it easy for their opponents in the numerous military conflicts. Because thanks to a magical green stone (Gaelic: Baul Muluy), which was thrown in the ranks of the opponents with a targeted throw to weaken them, the MacDonalds not only enjoyed one military success after another, but also relief from illness - like this the legend.

Co-founder Matthew James MacDonald – who, with a wink, describes himself as a direct descendant of Summerled, the legendary king of the MacDonalds, – remains silent on the question of whether this stone has been preserved and whether the band still uses it in some competitions .


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