copenhagen caledonia pipe band

copenhagen caledonia pipe band

copenhagen caledonia pipe band

Copenhagen Caledonia Pipe Band is Denmark’s oldest and nicest Pipe Band and in 2018 celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The band belongs in Søborg - we play Scottish music and have fun at the same time when we meet on Tuesdays. - see under contact if you want to be part of CCPB!

When we play we do our best😀 - in the drum group we have our skilled instructor Anders Jensen who has played with both the Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band (Canada) Grade 1 and the international Grade 2 band (Balagan).

In the piper group, several of the skilled and playing members are instructors for the new members in the piper group.

In the band, we also make a lot of social interaction, while the music must be in order - so twice a year a Band Weekend is organized somewhere in Denmark from Friday to Sunday, so there is time to play music, have a good chat and the social interaction.

Our members are from 13 years old to 65 years old - and we can always use more members in the band, so if you would like to learn to play the bagpipes or Scottish drum, contact us and have a chat with us.


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