Bagpipe lessons

Welcome to “BagpipeLessons.Net”. If you are new to playing the bagpipe, you should read my blog post “Interested in Playing the Great Highland Bagpipe?“.

If you already play the pipes, I can offer you the following tools and resources:

The Bagpiper Blog – a collection of nearly 100 articles about a variety of subjects from technique to purchasing pipes

A vast library of carols, hymns, and songs arranged for the bagpipe Knowledge garnered from nearly 50 years of playing experience, including 23 years as a full-time musician

Tips gained from 25 years of teaching experience instructing pipers of all levels

Maintenance advice on keeping your instrument in prime working condition

Access to our Facebook group “Playing the Bagpipe”, where you can learn even more and chat with like-minded pipers from around the world


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