balmoral school of piping and drumming

balmoral school of piping and drumming

balmoral school of piping and drumming

Edinboro, PA -Our Vision is to be the premier institute in the USA dedicated to raising the standard and appreciation of American piping.

The Balmoral School of Piping and Drumming’s Mission is to raise the standard and promote the appreciation of bagpipe music in the USA.

We do this by providing world-class instruction, cultivating excellence in youth, presenting innovative musical events, and fostering tradition.

The central focus of the Balmoral School is to provide high quality musical instruction for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students in small classes of up to six students. Lessons are structured and highly focused and instructors are selected on the basis of their ability to help students overcome problems.

Instruction is geared toward individual needs; teaching of new tunes and the polishing and refining of existing tunes music fundamentals such as rhythm, tempo, tuning and tone production, as well as execution and expression.

Advanced students can elect to train for and study their tune sets for major competitions.

Balmoral School Of Piping And Drumming


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balmoral school of piping and drumming

  • edinboro, pennsylvania, united states
  • 2001