trad lessons

trad lessons

trad lessons

On this site you will find a collection of short videos demonstrating tunes commonly played in San Diego and Los Angeles Irish sessions. Each tune is played once up to speed and then once slowly.

If the site is useful to you, or you would like to request a video for a specific tune, please consider making a small contribution to the site via the PayPal donation box on the right. Your donations support the hosting of the site as well as production costs and are greatly appreciated.

The tunes are organized by instrument


Traditional Scottish/Irish Bagpipes, Flutes, and Whistles

All of my wind instrument apps feature high-quality individual note audio samples of fine instruments so they sound incredibly authentic!


Piano, Chromatic, and Diatonic Button Accordions

All of my accordion apps feature high-quality individual key and button audio samples from my own instruments so they sound incredibly realistic!


My hammered dulcimer apps use high quality, per-note, perfectly in-tune audio samples from very fine instruments, so they sound and play exactly like the real thing.


Anglo, English, and Duet Concertinas

All of my concertina apps feature high-quality individual button audio samples from my own vintage instruments so they sound incredibly realistic!


MIDI Sound Modules and Control Surfaces

Already have a MIDI keyboard or a hardware MIDI chanter like the Fagerström Technopipes and looking for a Bagpipes or Irish Whistle MIDI sound module? Check out the new Celtic Sounds, ePipes for iPhone, MIDI Bagpipes Pro for iPad, Tin Whistle for iPhone, or Tin Whistle Pro for iPad apps.

Want to use your MIDI keyboard or MIDI file player app to play the Hammered Dulcimer? All of my Trapezoid and Dusty Strings branded Hammered Dulcimer apps now work as MIDI sound modules!

Are you an Accordion player looking for some great Accordion sounds to use with your MIDI file player app or keyboard? The Hohner SqueezeBox, Hohner Melodeon Pro, Hohner Chromatic Accordion, and Hohner Piano Accordion apps now work as MIDI sound modules!

Are you an Audiobus enthusiast? My “Dusty Strings D550 Dulcimer” iPad app and “Celtic Sounds” universal app may both be used as Audiobus host modules. IAA use is possible through Audiobus.


My Free ABC Transcription Tools

Click here to start using my free ABC Transcription Tools


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