Maurice FitzGerald, MP for Co. Kerry, Resigns as Commissioner of the Treasury

  • April 3, 1807

Sir Maurice FitzGerald, 18th Knight of Kerry (29 December 1774 – 7 March 1849) was an hereditary knight and an Irish Whig politician.

Sir Maurice FitzGerald was born on 29 December 1774 to Robert FitzGerald, 17th Knight of Kerry (1717–1781) and his third wife, Catherine Sandes, the daughter of Lancelot Sandes. Upon his father’s death in 1781, the seven-year-old Maurice assumed the title of Knight of Kerry.

Maurice FitzGerald, MP for Co. Kerry, resigns as Commissioner of the Treasury over Catholic Relief Bills

The Roman Catholic Relief Bills were a series of measures introduced over time in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries before the Parliaments of Great Britain and the United Kingdom to remove the restrictions and prohibitions imposed on British and Irish Catholics during the English Reformation. These restrictions had been introduced to enforce the separation of the English church from the Catholic Church which began in 1529 under Henry VIII.

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