donald b. willis

donald b. willis

donald b. willis


Ohio Bagpiper - The name alone conjures up visions of misty glens, deep lochs and mystical tales of the old ways. the bagpipes were a part of the everyday lives of the celts and their distinctive sounds were available to celebrate any special occassion.

Something Special

Add something unique to your special day; add the stirring sounds of the great war pipes of the north and the wild music of the highlands to make your event even more memorable. Donald B. Willis is piper to the clans Wallace and Lamont and Ritual piper for the Scottish Heritage Association, Rowfant Club and English-Speaking Union.

Cape Breton Style of Piping

He is also a proponent of the Cape Breton style of old-time community dance pipers. A solo piper of extensive experience and repertoire, he has perfomed in every conceivable venue as varied as country Grange Hall dances, live stage performances with rock bands to entertaining Presidential candidates. He is also a closet old-time country fiddler.

Best Selling Author

Donald is author of three best-selling novels, Mystery of the Waterloo Bagpipes, The Secret of Lightning Ridge, and Calvin Hemingway’s Diary.


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donald b. willis

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