charles r. rosenberger

charles r. rosenberger

charles r. rosenberger

San Diego Bagpiper for all occasions - I am a Professional grade piper with over 50 years of experience.

Bagpiper in California

I have been the Pipe Major of the Cameron Highlanders Pipe Band of San Diego since 1970 and on the W.U.S.P.B.A judges panel since the early 1970’s.

I am currently on the W.U.S.P.B.A. music board.

I am available for weddings, funerals, golf tournaments, military dining in’s or any other occasion that might require the services of a bagpiper.

I have made countless appearances on stage and television.

If I am not available for a performance, I have connections to many qualified pipers in the San Diego area.

I can provide you with anything from a single piper to a full bagpipe band with drummers and dancers.


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