Ian Whitelaw

Ian Whitelaw

Ian Whitelaw

Ian is a master piper in every way: 35 years experience as an accomplished soloist, competitor, performer, band leader and teacher.

Bagpiper in California

He specializes in performing at Weddings, Funerals, Wakes, Births, Parties and Special Events

Simon Fraser University

Ian is a former member of Simon Fraser University, the world champion bagpipe band. He brings his experience and legendary expertise to bands around the world with lectures, workshops and band consulting. Ian and His Music - His television and film credits include The Simpsons, The General’s Daughter, The West Wing and others. Ian is a private tutor and mentor for pipers for all ages and levels of ability. He is a former member of Simon Fraser University Bagpipe Band, the present reigning world champions. Ian travels the world bringing his experience and legendary expertise with lectures, workshops, band consulting and competition judging. He is currently involved in producing and recording for CDs and concerts.

Entertainment Industry

Ian has been very successful taking the music of the Scottish Highland Bagpipe into the entertainment industry, working as a creative consultant and performer on top films and television shows including The Rundown, The General’s Daughter, The Simpsons, The West Wing, American Dad, Arliss and the Family Guy. He is as comfortable and enthusiastic playing in a competition for world-renowned judges as he is on stage at the Hollywood Bowl.

Award Winning Piper

Ian is an accomplished competitor receiving many prizes and medals throughout the U.S. and Canada. In addition to demonstrating his talents as a class player in Light Music, winning several competitions, Ian has consistently won in Piobaireachd (the classical music of the bagpipe) in the course of his bagpipe playing career.

Some highlights for competition:

  • Ian received the top prize at the Pleasanton Highland Games, the Purgavie Horn, in September of 2003 and placing second overall in the very prestigious GS McLennan Invitational Contest held in San Diego, California with second in both the piobaireachd and MSR events.
  • He also is the Champion piper of the WUSPBA for 2003 2004 and again in 2005.
  • In 2004 he won the Open Piobaireachd competition held at the Queen Mary Scottish Festival in Long Beach, California.
  • Ian traveled to Scotland to compete in the Gold Medal Competitions held in Oban and Inverness.
  • He was selected from a list of nearly 100 competitors to join a group of 30 contestants for the very prestigious prize for classical music, the Highland Society of London’s Gold Medal.
  • In 2005 Ian won the prize for the most musical performance in the United States Prize Pipe Competition held in Michigan.
  • Ian won the Angus MacDonald Piping Competition held at the Sheraton Towers Hotel in San Diego, California in October of 2005 and again in 2006.
  • Ian won the United States Gold Medal for Piobaireachd held in Kansas City, Missouri in 2006 and in 2007 won The United States Prize Pipe, held in Traverse City, Michigan as well as the Angus MacDonald Memorial Piping Competition.

Angels from Alantis

Also, Ian has released his own Recording CD entitled Angels From Atlantis — featuring an original composition — a project that was supported and encouraged by the Durfee Foundation located in Los Angeles, California and Ian is a Durfee Fellow, having received a two year grant to assist students with their own piping studies. He also produced a CD that is devoted to relaxation – it is called The Lady and is based upon the ancient music of Scotland called piobaireachd – the classical music of the great highland bagpipe.

University of California at Riverside

Ian is now a visiting assistant professor at the University of California at Riverside and is the director of music for the UCR Pipe Band and is also the director of the music degree program for bagpipes there. This is a new and unique position being offered by the University and expect exciting news from there in the very near future.

Ian’s goal is to bring the great highland bagpipe to the public ear with all the grandness and spirit this very special instrument has and to have it be presented as a majestic instrument of the woodwind family rather than that of a novelty, something it is thought of by the casual ear.


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