Georgian Bagpipers

Georgian Bagpipers

Georgian Bagpipers

Khalkhuri Hangebi (National Tunes)

is represented the history of Georgian Folk instruments, their illustrations, general rules of their designing, methods of performance on them, folk melodies and songs. Also certain place is given to the Georgian national literature - as proverbs, poems, fables, aphorisms, sayings (in Georgian language) and other inserts. We think that the given work will bring the certain benefit to people interested in studying the Georgian national musical instruments.

Pilili is used in Adjara.

It accompanies dances and comic songs. During dances, the pilili is played with a doli, in comic songs_ with vocals.

Main parts:

the trunk (1)

The trunk (1) is a pipe of 25-30cm in length. It has 5-7 keys.

and mouthpiece (2)

The mouthpiece (2) is a small pipe, the length of which depends on the sound needed.

The trunk (1) is cut out of plum-tree and elder.

Formerly, the mouthpieces were also made of elder, but today bamboo is used.

The Pilili has a diatonic scale of one octave.


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Georgian Bagpipers

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